Welcome one and all.  This is my Axis & Allies gaming site dedicated to all Axis & Allies board games and miniatures.   2013 was a milestone year for me in that it was my 20th year running AA events at GEN CON for WotC/AH/TSR.  Thanks to all that recognized me at GC'13 and have made these past 20 years great! 


2014 will be the 30th year Anniversary for the Axis & Allies board game which hit the shelves in 1984.  


The SmoreySwamp is also filled with other great web links and gaming information for all to enjoy.  So, take some time, look around and come back soon for continual updates. 


Gregory J. Smorey - Axis & Allies Event Organizer & GM:
Origins/GEN CON/Spring Gathering

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Have you ever been confused as to what Axis & Allies game we are talking about?  Not sure what version you like playing?Below is a comprehensive list of all the Axis & Allies versions Milton Bradley/TSR/WotC has published since 1984:


2013 Axis & Allies Gaming Survey

Please let us know what AA games you would like to play during the upcoming convention season and under what format.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  Sincerely, Greg Smorey

GAMING NEWS FRONTLINE:  Listed below are the upcoming events that any boardgamer doesn't want to miss.  Check it out!
Axis & Allies Events in 2014:

Spring Gathering XII.....April 25 & 26, 2014

ORIGINS.....June 11-15, 2014

GEN CON GAME FAIR.....August 14-17, 2014



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WoTC/AH website for all the latest and greatest AA games + AA Mini's and more...

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